Cramberry Games, Inc is very pleased to release the first socially conscious, sci-fi app game!
Join Percy Blacks and his Crew as they transform “The System” and restore balance to the people of Earth!!

Just like in real life, this game is challenging in more ways than one. It challenges game playing skill, and
also challenges thoughts about sensitive, and often uncomfortable, issues. Cramberry believes we, as human beings, must open our eyes, minds, and hearts, and dare to take a good look at the social, and
economic realities we currently face.

Cramberry also, extends our belief of fairness and revenue equality by pledging
to donate proceeds of our revenue to two, of many very worthy causes. We are excited
to donate a portion of our proceeds to breast cancer research, and to children with autism.
It’s fun to play games for entertainment, yet we believe gaming is more
effective when it’s thought provoking, helps uplift, and unite people!

Thanks For Joining Us & Let The Cramberry Games Begin!!!

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